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I really lost my head “”“debating”“” yesterday. What started out as just ‘calling someone an asshole’ was completely derailed beyond recognition, and I just LET HIM do that

I did a shitty job representing my point which was never well defined in the first place. It was more about how much I personally disliked this guy than about the issues at hand.

Especially bad of me to do, as being a white straight cis guy who remains personally unaffected by the concerns of social justice, I have the ‘privilege’ to keep a cool head and be reasonable. It was irresponsible of me.

The guy fancies himself an indestructible master debater. ‘Good luck, I’m behind 1,000 fallacies and derailing tactics’. What am I able to do besides give him more of the ‘SJW BUTTHURT’ he thrives on?

It’s good to call people out, but I said some really stupid things and drew some terrible comparisons when it came down to ‘what should people do to prevent rape’

I suppose I should stick to badmouthing jontron, eh?


So one time my dad bought a skeleton for Halloween, and one day he decided to place it in the kitchen to scare me and it went too far…



Since 1980, 3000 native Canadian women have been murdered/gone missing. Indigenous women are five times more likely than other women to die as a result of violence. Sixty percent of known perpetrators are white men.

Justice for all Indigenous Women! by Jessica Sabogal | Montréal

1 in 3 Native American women are raped within their lifetime, and are at extreme risk of violence from non-native (white) men. x x x

Despite push from the UN for a national inquiry, Canada continues to largely ignore the violence against Native Women. x







Why is this not taught universally.

probably because it’s assault 

translation: “I am more concerned about victims being nasty to their rapists than I am about people actually being raped”

hey you’re stupid

Also let me break this down for you

rapist who’s touching a girl’s knee: he’s going to break her face then rape her even more violently, perhaps causing serious injury or death

Guy who wasn’t going to rape but was probably just seeing if there were interest: good job, you broke his finger and have no way of proving he had any intent to actually assault you, have fun with those charges of assault 

welcome to the real world, where antagonizing someone unstable enough to actually induce physical pleasure to themselves from you unwillingly is likely to get you killed unless you’re ready to assume you are able to physically overwhelm them in an altercation. 

Boy, don’t you seem like pleasant company! Showing such concern for what might happen to them. You spend a lot of time thinking about women getting their faces broken, don’t you?

Are you seriously using ‘let’s not turn this rape into a murder’ as your argument? Yeah, women should just lie back and think of England and submit to rapists entirely. If they get killed, it’s their own fault for not letting him “INDUCE PHYSICAL PLEASURE” (is that what they’re calling it nowadays?)

Oh, but let’s not forget those poor nice guys caught in the middle of this! The real victim here is the misunderstood gentleman copping a friendly platonic feel!

If he gets his finger broken it’s his own damn fault for sticking his hand in there. He was asking for it, right? So he deserved it. That’s how it goes, isn’t it?

Make up your damn mind. What are you, the rapist internet defence force?

Wow, you’re a scatterbrained motherfucker aren’t you?

First of all you’re attacking me directly and not the ideas I’m putting forth by saying I think about harm towards women, that’s not only a pathetic cheap shot, so nice ad hominem there.

Secondly, I did not propose to “lie there and take it” but if you actually want to debate me then I will be more than happy to properly put forth an arguement:

Violent action against a rapist is the least effective form of prevention of rape. Or as I like to call it “the rape condom fallacy” (And in case you’re going to be overly anal, I don’t actually “like” to call it that but it is the means in which I present the fallacy.)

We’ve all heard of rape condoms, those devices meant to prevent rape by causing extreme harm to the attackers genitals should they attempt penetration. The issue with this device, is not only can it be circumvented (by virtually anyone that checks before they attempt such an act) but if it should work on an aggressor, they would not simply lie there, they would become incredibly violent, likely enraged, and seek to get even. 

What do I propose, loud vocal opposition, careful understanding of environment, proactive actions to keep one’s self safe rather than reactive actions that could potentially backfire or lead to further harm to oneself. 

And thirdly you once again are assuming much, I never said anything to defend the “innocent” men from having their fingers broken, but rather the sensible legal repercussions to assaulting someone by choosing to break their fingers, and I’m sorry if you feel differently, but very VERY few juries are going to side with you that a hand on a knee, in a casual environment such as a movie theater, a home or a car is going to constitute an assault against them, ESPECIALLY with no proof that any further action was intended without consent, but fucking breaking someones fingers sure will constitute assault. So seems like that plan is destined for success if you enjoy up to 1000 dollar fines or 6 months in jail 

So good job, you argued with a scarecrow rather than actually refute my points, I’m dying to see if you have a rebuttal because you stand on a platform made of sand. Throw in a few reaction gifs and you’ll have a full fledged tumblr post

ooh, looks like you brushed up on some wikipedia articles a little bit before you cocked this one up

attacking you directly? oh gee, and ‘Hey you’re stupid’ ‘scatterbrained motherfucker’ isn’t exactly the same thing? did you get your feelings hurt, you big fucking hypocrite? don’t dish out what you can’t take, we’re both guilty here and yet you’re trying to take the ~moral high ground~ while you continue to bash rape victims.

I guess we’re talking about anti rape condoms now though, so anyway, you go ahead and try explaining that when you’re about to be raped you should, uh, carefully understand your environment and use your words or whatever to get the guy to back off. violent action up to and including extremely painful rapex condom-induced genital harm will never deter them, and will only result in them hulking out and destroying you in 100% of cases.

and hey I can’t speak from experience, but if you had to choose between getting charged with assault or risking being raped, what sounds more preferable to you?

ooh, and you anticipated a rebuttal. nice, are you trying to capture my favourite trick? regardless of whether violent action is an effective deterrent, the point still stands that somebody had a giggle at the expense of hypothetical rapists getting their fingers broken, and you stepped up to play devil’s advocate because for some reason that made offended you on some deep level.

Every single Marvel Studios movie has centered around a presumably straight, white, male protagonist, even if white women (mostly love interests) and men of color (support roles) have played roles in the film. The franchise is a box office juggernaut and has a ton of movies on this list, but we’ve gotten two to three movies about each of the men on the Avengers and there’s yet to be a film about Black Widow. Both of Marvel’s ensemble films—The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy—trimmed down the superhero teams for their film adaptations, and the women characters, save for one, were the first to be cut. Most moviegoers will never know that women of color and LGBTQ characters were cut from Guardians of the Galaxy, but audiences will get to relate to the talking raccoon and the talking tree.

I never shoulda tried getting summoned

Why did this happen


Natalia Kills ran her mouth today about how “All About That Bass” is a song that bullies and victimizes thin girls. I then ran my mouth about how that is a load of bullshit on a variety of levels. (x)


"John Lennon Syndrome"

A white guy who preaches peace/love/good gender politics but is an abusive asshole to the people he is close to and does not uphold those values in his personal life.